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Zenplicity was born from the illusion of sharing what until 2011 was a hobby, crystal therapy. That year, a series of very difficult circumstances led me to transform my jewellery into a self-help tool. In my day-to-day, I used the energy I needed: represented in earrings, a bracelet, a pendant, a ring… and, with the help of positive thinking, I integrated it into me as if it were another accessory. Over time, I began to share this information with my family and friends, until I thought I could reach many other people, those who did not know me, and so came the idea of Zenplicity.

The word Zenplicity is born from the fusion between ‘zen’ and ‘simplicity’. It invites us to enjoy the small and simple things in everyday life. The packaging is inspired by a Moss Agate, symbol of hope, which, no matter how difficult the circumstances, we must never lose.

Zenplicity can be acquired on the web and from our innovative way 24hr store, without time restrictions, enjoying the experience of the concept I want it, I buy it.

I hope you can feel the love and affection we have put into each of them.

Best wishes,

Give away feeling and emotion: Say it with a jewel.
We concluded that our brand was very "zen", by the ideas and energy it transmits, and very simple in its designs. From the union of these two words: “zen“ and “simple“, Zenplicity was born.

When choosing a package for our jewelry, we wanted it to transmit positivity and hope. We had no doubt: a Moss Agate stone necklace, which was given to me by a special friend, as symbol of hope; and agate quartz was the perfect inspiration.

Love and respect for nature, people and all elements that surround us, independently of their races, beliefs or colors. Because in the end, each and one of us are a part of one same universe and we would like that, wherever and whenever someone sees our brand, they know that we believe that the world can be a better place.



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