Legal notice

Legal Notice 

EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA, responsible for the website, hereinafter THE RESPONSIBLE / El RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L., provides this document available to users, with which it intends to comply with the obligations set forth in Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information and Commerce Society Electronic (LSSICE), as well as inform all website users regarding what the conditions of use are.




Domain name:

Commercial name: ZENPLICITY


C.I.F. nº B98227846


Phone: +34 670 95 34 57

Email Address:


Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Valencia, volume 9149, book 6432, Folio 190, Section 8ª, Sheet V-13727




This information regulates the conditions of use, limitations of liability and obligations that users of the Web page, which is published under the domain name,  assume and undertake to respect.


The condition of USER is attributed to whoever accesses and uses this website.


The user in turn accepts, from said access and / or use, the General Conditions of Use listed here.


That is why all users undertake to observe and strictly comply with the provisions set forth herein, as well as any other legal provision that may be applicable.


The aforementioned Conditions will be applicable independently of the General Conditions of Contract that are of mandatory compliance and assumption when contracting services or purchase of products through the web.


If the user is not satisfied, he will refrain from using the page.


THE RESPONSIBLE reserves the right to modify any type of information that may appear on the website, without there being any obligation to pre-advise or inform the users of said obligations, being understood as sufficient with the publication on the website www.zenplicity. is.


Thus the content of this Legal Notice may be modified, so that its acceptance by the user, will be respect to the Legal Notice published by THE RESPONSIBLE at the time the user accesses the website. This is why users are advised that each time they access the website, the should read this Legal Notice carefully.


In any case, THE RESPONSIBLE, for greater transparency and comfort of the users and to avoid any type of damage to them, informs that this Legal Notice will always contain the date of the last update and at the same time will try, when it is modified for whatever reason, to warn through the use of notices inserted in the web (layers) of said modifications.


This Legal Notice has been updated for the last time on 20/05/2021.


In case any user had any questions about these Legal Conditions or any comments on the portal , please contact  or call us at 670 95 34 57.


THE USER ASSUMES THE RESPONSIBILITY OF USE OF THE PORTAL.  provides or can provide access to different information, services, applications or data (hereinafter "the contents") on the Internet belonging to EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. or to its licensors, to which the USER may have access.


The simple access to this website does not imply any kind of commercial relationship between EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. and the user.


In general, access to information and utilities of the website does not require a prior subscription or user registration.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, if this option is enabled and it is necessary to access certain services and / or contents, this responsibility extends to the registry. In this Registry the USER will be responsible for providing truthful and lawful information. The USER is responsible for maintaining all the information provided so that it responds, at all times, to its current situation.


The treatment of personal data provided by the user will be made by EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA subject to the Privacy Policy contained in this website. As a consequence of this registration, if this option were enabled, the USER could be provided with a password for which he would be responsible, committing himself in this case to make a diligent and confidential use of it.


The USER is obliged and agrees to use the page and the contents in accordance with the current legislation, the legal notice, and any other notice contained in this page, as well as with the rules of coexistence, morality and generally accepted good practices and Public order.


The USER agrees and undertakes to make appropriate use of the contents and services that THE RESPONSIBLE offers or can offer through its portal (such as chat services, discussion forums or newsgroups) and with an enunciative but not limiting character, not to use them to (I) engage in illegal activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order; (II) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal nature, advocating terrorism or attacking human rights; (III) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L., its suppliers or third parties; (IV) introduce or disseminate in the network computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing the aforementioned damages; (V) try to access and use the email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their messages.


Likewise, THE USER undertakes not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties any content on the Site, such as information, texts, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and / or image files, photographs, recordings, software, logos, brands, icons, technology, photographs, software, links, graphic design and source codes, or any other material that you have access to as a User of the Page, without this enumeration being of a limiting nature.


THE RESPONSIBLE reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that attempt against youth or childhood, order or public safety or which, in their opinion, would not be suitable for publication. In any case EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through forums, chats, or other tools.




THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE for himself or as a concessionaire (having in these cases a license or express authorization by the holders or authors), is the owner of all the contents of its website, including, but not limited to, the images, photographs, material audiovisual, podcast, texts and / or graphics, sounds, audio and video, brands and / or logos, combinations of colors, structure, design, programs, software and other elements necessary for its operation, access and use, editing and compilation. So all the contents of the website are duly protected by the applicable laws in the matter (such as the law of trademarks and patents, intellectual and industrial property, copyright ...), including international treaties to which Spain is a party.


By virtue of the provisions of articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Intellectual Property Law and independently of the purpose for which they were intended, the use, exploitation, distribution, public and / or private communication and the total or partial commercialization of the contents of this web page are expressly prohibited.


In order to carry out these actions, for any purpose, in any support and by any technical means, in any case, prior written authorization from EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA will be required. Any use not previously authorized is considered a serious breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.


The designs, logos, text and / or graphics outside the RESPONSIBLE and that may appear on the website belong to their respective owners, who are themselves responsible for any possible controversy that may arise with respect to them. For its part THE RESPONSIBLE DOES NOT AUTHORIZE that third parties can redirect directly to the specific contents of the website  For this you must have their prior and express consent.


The RESPONSIBLE acknowledges in favor of its owners the corresponding rights of intellectual and industrial property, not implying their mere mention or appearance on the website the existence of rights or any responsibility on them, nor endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation.


The USER undertakes to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights owned by EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. and its licensors and / or authorizers.


The USER can view the elements of the portal and even print, copy and store them on the hard drive of their computer or any other physical support provided that it is solely and exclusively for their personal and private use. The USER must refrain from deleting, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system that was installed on the website of EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. (


To make any kind of observation regarding possible breaches of intellectual or industrial property rights, as well as any of the contents of the website, you can do so by sending an email to


In the event that a user or a third party considers that there has been a violation of their legitimate intellectual property rights by the introduction of certain content on the web, you must notify this circumstance to EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. to the email  indicating:


• Personal data of the owner of the rights allegedly infringed, or indicate the representation with which he acts in case the claim is presented by a third party other than the interested party.

• Indicate the contents protected by intellectual property rights and their location on the website, the accreditation of rights, intellectual property, and express declaration in which the interested party is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the notification.




EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. is not responsible, in any case, for damages of any kind that may be caused by the use and access to the website


Regarding the Contents: EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. is not responsible, in any case for damages of any kind that could cause errors or omissions of such content.


The data, texts, information, images, sounds or any other publication on the website are shown with merely informative effects for all those interested in them, without their access generating commercial, contractual or professional relationship between the users and THE RESPONSIBLE.


In case of discrepancy between the information contained in the website and that contained on paper, the latter will prevail. The user is warned that before taking any action derived from the content of the website, he should proceed to verify the information obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department by email to send to the following address:


Regarding availability and continuity: EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by our legal system, any liability for damages of any kind caused by lack of availability or continuity of access to the website and its services. Access to the information and services provided by this website has, in principle, an indefinite duration. However, EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. may terminate or suspend access to their website at any time.


Regarding Viruses and Malicious Codes: EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by our legal system, any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the presence of viruses or other malicious codes in the contents that may cause any type of damage to the computer system, documents electronic files, user files or any other.


Regarding the use of links: EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. excludes, to the full extent permitted by our legal system, any liability for damages of any kind caused to users by the use of technical links, directories and search tools, which allow users to access to websites belonging to and / or managed by third parties.


Illicit use: EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. is not responsible for the breach of any applicable rule that may be incurred by the user in accessing the website and / or using the information contained there. Neither is responsible for the illegitimate use that third parties may make of the commercial names, brands or other distinctive signs that are not property of EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. and appear on the website. 



From the website, it is possible to be redirected to content from third-party websites. Since the RESPONSIBLE cannot always control the contents introduced by third parties in their respective websites, it does not assume any type of responsibility with respect to said contents.


In any case, it will proceed to the immediate withdrawal of any content that may contravene national or international legislation, morality or public order, proceeding to the immediate withdrawal of redirection to the website, bringing to the attention of the competent authorities the content in question.


EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. is not responsible for the information and content stored, by way of example but not limited to forums, chats, blog generators, comments, social networks or any other means that allows third parties to publish content independently on the website of the RESPONSIBLE .


However, and in compliance with the provisions of articles 11 and 16 of the LSSICE, it is  available to all users, authorities and security forces, collaborating actively in the withdrawal or, where appropriate, blocking of all those contents that may affect or contravene national or international legislation, the rights of third parties or morality and public order. In the event that the user considers that there is any content on the website that could be susceptible to this classification, please notify the website administrator immediately.


This website has been reviewed and tested to work properly. Initially, the correct operation can be guaranteed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the RESPONSIBLE does not rule out the possibility of certain programming errors, or that causes of force majeure, natural catastrophes, strikes or similar circumstances that make it impossible to access the website.


External links


The web page  provides or can provide links to other websites and content that are owned by third parties such as:

  •       Tools
  •       Content of other blogs
  •       Advertising


The only object of the links is to provide the user with the possibility of accessing said links. EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. is not responsible in any case for the results that may be derived to the user by accessing said links.


It is possible that if the user accesses through the website  to content from other pages, promotions and / or other links or content not their own, they collect information on users' browsing habits or other information, with different purposes. In these cases, EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. does not have access to or control this information. The information that is provided in these sponsored and / or linked sites is subject to the privacy policies that are used in said sites and will not be subject to our own privacy policy.

Comment Policy

On our website, comments are allowed only if you are registered as a user. This option is given to users in order to enrich the content under the following conditions:


• Comments that are not related to the theme of this website, including defamations, grievances, insults, personal attacks or lack of respect in general towards EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L., the author, or other members will not be accepted. These comments will be deleted by the web administrators.

• Comments that contain information that is obviously misleading or false will also be deleted, as well as comments that contain personal information, such as, for example, private addresses or telephones and that violate our data protection policy.

• Comments created only for promotional purposes of a website, person or group and everything that may be considered spam in general will also be rejected.

• Anonymous comments will not be allowed, as well as those made by the same person with different nicknames. Comments that try to force a debate or take a position by another user will not be considered either. Only the name will be published.

Regarding the information we collect, you can see our PRIVACY POLICY and our COOKIES POLICY.


The user that intends to establish any technical link device from its website to the portal  must obtain the prior written authorization of EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. The establishment of the link will not imply in any case the existence of relations between EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. and the owner and / or owner of the site where the link is established, or the acceptance or approval by EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. of its contents or services.




EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. intends to offer you a more comfortable navigation. To this end, just as it is done in other websites, cookies are used on this Website.


So that you can give an informed and unequivocal consent, we explain, in detail, how our cookies work in the COOKIES POLICY section. In this section we indicate what are the cookies, the use we make of them and the options you have to manage them.


The USER has the possibility to configure his browser to be warned on the screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on his computer. Please consult the instructions and manuals of your browser to expand this information.


If you reject the installation of cookies, you may continue to use the Website, although the use of some of the services may be limited.


By browsing and continuing on our Website you will be consenting to the use of cookies, for the periods indicated in the conditions contained in the aforementioned cookies policy.




All notifications or communications made by users to EL RINCON DE A ARMONIA S.L.  will be considered effective, for all purposes, when they are directed to the Customer Service by any of the following ways:


• By post to the following address: Urb. Monte Picayo - Paseo de Levante, nº 204 - Puçol - 46,530 - Valencia

• By telephone to the number 670 95 34 57

• By sending email to the email:


Similarly, all notifications made by EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L. to the user will be considered effective, for all purposes, when they are carried out in any of the following ways:


• By postal mail to the address that the user has previously informed  to EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L.

• By telephone or fax to the number that the user has previously informed to EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L.


• By sending an e-mail to the e-mail address that the user has previously informed to EL RINCON DE LA ARMONIA S.L.


Therefore, in order for these notifications to be able to be carried out, the user must state that all the information provided by him is true and current, committing himself to notify any modification thereof.




You can see everything related to the protection of personal data in our Privacy Policy.




For the resolution of all disputes or issues related to this website or the activities developed therein, Spanish legislation will be applicable, to which the parties expressly submit, being competent to resolve all disputes arising or related to their use, the Courts and Tribunals valid for the judicial demarcation of the municipality of Puzol (Valencia).





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