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The Lapidary of the Precious Stones of Alfonso X (The Wise: El Sabio) Legacy

Posted on11/12/2019
The Lapidary of the Precious Stones of Alfonso X (The Wise: El Sabio) Legacy
One of the most surprising legacies that this wise King of Castile has left us is in the library of the Escorial. The “Lapidary of the Precious Stones” dates back to approximately 1250, and it is considered as the first scientific manuscript written in a Romance language (the Spanish language). I believe it is surprising that in that period they were already discussing the relationship of precious stones with astrology, and the energy properties that each of them possessed, and the fact that this was a reason for analysis by two great sages. Given that, in its prologue, it is stated that a text by Aristotle inspired this work.

Two great sages, King Alfonso X and Aristotle, entrust us with the information that they considered valuable. They had also believed in the magic of precious stones. However, the question remains: Is it true that precious stones have energetic qualities that make them unique? Can we state that it is so, from our most rational side? In the 21st century, can we ensure that stones can help us?

Like so many other things in our life, it is a matter of faith, of believing or not believing.
For me and for many others who have made crystal therapy a self-help tool, the answer is always: YES. 
In each of its jewels, Zenplicity highlights the energy transmitted by each gem, linked to a feeling or an emotion. This is crystal therapy. Zenplicity proposal arises from the desire to share what has helped me in many moments of my life. From the basis of that honesty, I dare to say that everything created has energy, therefore, even a stone has life.
When I had the opportunity at the Escorial to enjoy Alfonso’s Lapidary, I could not help but get excited to see the ancient of this knowledge. Therefore, I invite everyone who is interested in this topic to visit the Escorial and enjoy this gift in the first person, bequeathed by a man whom history has called: “THE WISE”.
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